IT was 1978, before any other international figure or head of state had met with the new Vice Chairman Deng Xiaoping. Times were tough around the world. The U.S. was suffering from years of their energy crisis, global unemployment rates were rising sharply, and China was wanting to re-define itself after the Cultural Revolution.


With all these issues around the world, Christmas was a desperately needed time of joy and happiness each year. However, with the massive population growth around the world, toy production was struggling to keep up with demand. That's when this iconic figure had an epiphany that would change the world.


Before China became the manufacturing powerhouse for the U.S. and Europe, the wheels were set in motion for China to become the world's leading manufacturer of Christmas gifts. In fact, few people know that Deng Xiaoping's now famous phrase "To get rich is glorious," actually came from this historic secret meeting where Santa Claus convinced the new Vice Chairman that to "receive Christmas gifts is glorious." Ever since that day, Chinese manufacturers have been helping Santa's elves produce Christmas gifts for people all over the world; including Chinese.


Historic Meeting Between Deng Xiaoping and Santa Claus 


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