On May 30th, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) announced that effective June 1st, 2017 drone owners are required by law to register their drones, if they weigh more than 250 grams, with the CAAC.

"Drones have become a serious hazard in many Chinese cities, and have severely interfered with civil aviation," said Zhang Ruiqing, deputy head of the Office of Air Traffic Regulation of the Civil Aviation Administration of China. Anyone flying drones illegally will be punished in accordance with public security regulations, the authorities have said.

An online registration system is now available and can be found here. Unfortunately, it's only in Chinese.

Management and Service Center for Expats in Shekou Shenzhen China

The Management and Service Center for Expats (MSCE) will soon be available to assist expats with registration if they need assistance. The MSCE is a local government office devoted to building a harmonious community in Shekou for people from different countries. Their mission includes temporary accommodation registration, inquiry, community activitity, and more. They are located at the crossing of Nanshui Street and Shiyun Road in Shekou near the Dongjiaotou Metro Station and Shekou theater bus stop. They plan to open to the public in June.

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