The State Administration of Market Supervision issued a public announcement yesterday, calling for strengthening the supervision of the price of masks, disinfection supplies, antiviral drugs and related medical devices, and maintaining the stability of market prices for epidemic prevention supplies. 

The public is requested to actively supervise, and if they find collusion, price increases or other price violations, please dial 12315 to report immediately.

The announcement pointed out that in accordance with laws and regulations; such as the Price Law, where fabricating and disseminating price increase information, hoarding a large number of market-supplying epidemic prevention supplies, substantially increasing sales prices, collaborating with price increases, market supervision departments at all levels must strictly follow, quickly investigate and deal with, and expose these cases in a timely manner. 

Retailers must effectively fulfill their social responsibilities, operate strictly in accordance with the law, exercise their legitimate pricing power legally and reasonably, strictly implement the price intervention measures and emergency measures formulated by the government in accordance with the law, and achieve clear price marking and honest operation. Local market supervision departments should increase their efforts in price supervision and maintain market order.

Source: 哄抬口罩价格?打12315举报!





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