Drunk People

Please be careful tonight, drunk driving is rife on this joyous occasion. Watch out also for intoxicated pedestrians or bicyclists. Just because they don't have a car doesn't mean they can't also be dangerous. Keeps your eyes open, stay with friends, and avoid situations that may lead to violence or tension.


Increased Police Presence

The police have informed us that they will be out in full force tonight to help maintain a safe and peaceful night. It will be double their usual force!


Carry your papers

Be sure to carry your passport/registration papers to avoid any unnecessary trips to the police station. If you're stopped by the police, please cooperate. As long as you're immigration status is in order the process will go quickly and smoothly.


Protect Your Valuables

Watch out for pickpockets! Nights like tonight are a dream for pickpockets that want to take advantage of intoxicated people or those who are distracted. Keep a close eye on your valuables. It's best to keep your wallets and cash in pockets others can't easily reach.


Don't embarrass yourself

Last but not least, be careful what you post on Social Media. We all have to return to normal life soon and the last thing we need is our employer or future employer seeing something from tonight's festivities online later that could have a negative impact on our lives.


CALL 110

If you run into any trouble or issues, the number for the police is 110.



We look forward to enjoying an amazing 2017 with you!

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