Shekou News has recently reported that on January 5th, a middle aged man was caught red-handed trying to poison dogs in a Nanshan community complex in Shenzhen, China.

There have been multiple reports over the last couple of years of people finding poison and fish hooks in sausages in apparent acts of terrorism against dogs and their owners; however, this is the first time that it has been reported that someone has actually been caught in the act in Shenzhen.

In a video posted by Southern Metropolis News, a long-haired, middle-aged man can be seen planting sausages, with what was later described as the drug "Isoniazid," in a flower bed in the Shenzhen Longhaijiayuan Community. Residents of Longhaijiayuan Community said that the man threw the sausage containing the drug isoniazid.

According to a quick online search, Isoniazid is a drug for treating tuberculosis. The reporter in the article states that it supposedly has a strong poisoning effect on dogs.

The Longhai Home Management Office said it conducted an investigation on the flower beds in the community. As of noon on January 6, the investigation was still in progress. The man involved has been criminally detained. The next step will be to identify the evidence and to price the dead dogs. The case is under further investigation.

Reference: 太狠心!男子小区内投香肠毒狗,背后原因竟是... 

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