From 1:00pm today passengers will not be able to buy tickets using the Online Ticket Vending Machines (known as ITVM) at 12 Shenzhen Metro Stations. The ITVMs will be taken offline while they are being updated.

The affected stations, all on Line 1, include:

Guomao, Grand Theater, Gangxia, Shopping Park, Zhuzilin, Qiaocheng East, OCT, Baishizhou, Shenzhen University, Daxin, Window of the World, Convention & Exhibition Center.

How-to Guide: Using WeChat to Ride the Shenzhen Metro

These machines were put in place last year to allow passengers to buy tickets using WeChat, QQ Wallet and Alipay. These can be very convenient when you need to buy a ticket and don't have coins or 5 RMB notes. If you'd like to learn how to buy tickets using these machines, check out this detailed article written by Bailey Hu of That's Shenzhen.

The ITVMs will be offline for maintenance starting today (November 19th) and are expected to be back online by 11am November 20th.

Passengers buying tickets using cash or traveling using their pre-paid Shenzhen Metro cards will not be affected.

Reference: 因技术升级,1号线12个站点取票机暂停服务,20日中午恢复使用

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