China Merchants Bank, in partnership with Singapore-based OUE Lippo Healthcare, recently announced that it held a cornerstone laying ceremony on December 12th for Shekou's first International Hospital.



The 200-bed hospital will be located at Prince Bay in Shekou, Shenzhen, China to provide internationalized quality medical services to Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macau.



Cementing Shekou as Shenzhen's most international region:



According to developers, the introduction of the Taiziwan International Hospital will make Shekou the only internationalized district in Shenzhen that integrates international hospitals, international schools, international settlements and international crowds. 


In the 1990s, the Shekou International School teacher greeted students in class.


They go on to state that: 

Shekou, known as the most internationalized region of Shenzhen, is home to more than 20,000 foreigners and high-level enterprises from 102 countries and regions. With seven international schools, Shekou, has the largest number of international schools and provides education support for 80% of the foreign children in the city.





Machine translation: Fu Gangfeng, General Manager of China Merchants Group:

"On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, China Merchants Group will take a new starting point, take the initiative to embrace the new era, grasp the big change, and assume a new historical mission. Under the "Healthy China" development plan, China Merchants Group actively lays out great health. The industry has formulated a sound development strategy for large-scale health industry and put forward a comprehensive layout of “three doctors and two health cares.” At present,various business sectors have achieved initial success, and several major projects are also steadily advancing. Taiziwan International Hospital is currently the only international hospital in Shekou. It is of great significance to the development of the Taiziwan area. It is one of the key medical projects of China Merchants Group in the field of big health. Through this project, China Merchants Group will increase its research and exploration in the field of big health. Actively practice social responsibility of central enterprises, and build a life circle of people's good life at a higher level, more dimensions, and deeper fields."





Machine translation: Li Wenzheng, representative of the partner and Chairman of Lippo Group:

"China has developed rapidly in the fields of medical science and technology, and has already taken the lead in the world. Most areas in Southeast Asia still face problems such as shortage of medical resources. The Lippo Group hopes that this cooperation with the China Merchants Group will be fully based on the "One Belt, One Road". The Taiziwan International Hospital has become a window project for international medical cooperation and medical tourism, and has become a link and bridge between China and the “One Belt, One Road” countries and regions.”





Machine translation: Zeng Wei, deputy secretary of the Nanshan District Committee of Shenzhen City:

“The Nanshan District Government is speeding up the improvement of medical standards in the jurisdiction. Next, the Nanshan District Government will actively respond to the wave of national medical reform, encourage social capital to run doctors, and build a diversified medical model. The establishment of the Taiziwan International Hospital will complement Nanshan District and even Shenzhen's high-end medical services, I hope that the China Merchants Group and the joint partners will jointly build the Prince's Bay Hospital project with international standards to provide refined and international quality medical services to the public."


According to Singapore-based The Business Times:


  • OUE Lippo Healthcare (OUELH) signed a non-binding letter of intent with Hong China Merchants Shekou Industrial Zone Holdings (CMSK) to jointly build, run and manage a high-end international hospital in Prince Bay, Shenzhen.

  • The proposed hospital is set to benefit from the growth of the medical tourism industry in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, said Lee Yi Shyan, chairman of OUELH. "As a leading region for new and high technological industries in China, the Greater Bay Area will develop as a dominant economic powerhouse in the coming years," he said.

  • In November 2017, OUELH announced a strategic partnership with China Merchants Group to grow its healthcare business in China. Since then, the partnership has resulted in projects such as the joint operation of the Shanghai Changhang Hospital in Pudong, Shanghai, which was announced in June this year.

  • The project is subject to due diligence, entry into definitive agreements and the obtaining of relevant regulatory approvals by both sides. Both parties will negotiate the terms of the definitive agreements within a non-exclusive negotiation period ending on June 30, 2019.




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