The pay area of Shenzhen North Railway Station on Line 5 will be partially closed starting from December 5th, due to renovation of the fire shutter facilities. The affected area is expected to return to normal on December 8th.

The railway station management has implemented passenger flow measures to ensure people will still be able to navigate through the station and transfer to the necessary areas; especially during peak periods.

Here's what you can expect:

1. The transfer area of the northern part of the station will be temporarily closed;

2. Passengers who intend to transfer to line 4 from the north part of the arrival hall of the station can take the four outbound gates at the western part.

3. Passenger can bypass the non-pay zone entirely to transfer at the southern part of station hall.

4. Passengers who carry large luggage should use the elevator at the arrival hall of line 4.

Shenzhen North Metro Station Closure for Fire Systems Renovation


The metro operators have added more staff to the station to ensure passengers can transfer quickly and still enjoy a good riding experience. The staff is there to guide passengers throughout the day at the transfer areas. The station layout may be a bit complex so if you have any questions at the station, please contact the metro station attendants for assistance and guidance.

Source: 明起至8日 深圳北站部分区域将临时封闭配合改造

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