Close to 300 pizza lovers attended the 2nd Annual Best Pizza in Shekou Competition and Awards Ceremony at The Terrace in Sea World on Sunday December 6th, 2015 to help us determine which pizzas in Shekou are the best.

The competition sponsor, San Miguel Brewing Company, supplied free flow beer during the competition and Exotic Winds provided free flow of Imported Spanish Wine. TLI Language Institute also provided free VIP Language Lessons to 5 lucky draw winners.

The Terrace Band, T.A.S., entertained the crowd with their lively performances while guests tasted these amazing pizzas from the following restaurants:


  1. Alla Torre Pizzeria: Al Metro Pizza, Diavola (Pepperoni) Pizza, Ferrari Pizza, Proscuitto Crudo Pizza, and Margherita Pizza
  2. Beny’s: Pepperoni Pizza
  3. Chill’s: Pepperoni, bacon and jalapenos Pizza; and Pepperoni & Chicken with BBQ Sauce
  4. HH Gourmet: Pizza Bagels
  5. Italy Square: Fantasia Pizza, Gourmet Pizza, Marinara Pizza,
  6. Laffa: Four Cheese Pizza
  7. McCawley’s: Godfather Pizza
  8. OGGI: Parma Pizza, Capri Pizza
  9. SUGO: Pepperoni Pizza, and Mediterranean Pizza
  10. The Terrace: Tom Yum Gong Thai Pizza
  11. Volfoni: The American BBQ Pizza, Inferno Pizza, Romana Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza, The Four Seasons Pizza
  12. Warehouse Pizza: Godfather Pepperoni Pizza, US Ambassador Pizza, Pentagon Cheese Analyst Pizza
  13. Willy’s Crab Shack: Jalapeno Spice, Mediterranean, Pepperoni Supreme
  14. X-TA-SEA: Italian Sausage with Chicken and BBQ Sauce Pizza, Hawaiian Pizza, Traditional Pepperoni Pizza.

The Dolores unfortunately had to drop out at the last minute due to staffing issues.

Although the pizzas were the primary attraction, spontaneous singing from Sophia, Quenton, and Karina excited the crowds with their performances on stage with T.A.S.

Here are a few photo highlights from the event. To view them all, scroll down to the bottom of this page.

The Results
Those of you that have been following ShekouDaily and our competitions since last year know that we take great efforts to ensure that the results are fair and accurate. Our three top concerns in all of our competitions is having fun, eating great food, and finding the truth.

This year, in order to find the true best pizza in Shekou, we set up a three-pronged competition:

  • People’s Choice Awards: An online vote that took place from November 16th to November 30th. 875 people lovers placed 2,192 votes for 36 pizza varieties in five categories to pick the winners of this popularity content.
  • Best in Show Awards: Almost 200 votes were placed at the Awards Ceremony at the Terrace. Each attendee was given one voting stub to pick their favorite after tasting all the pizzas at the event. The results determined the Best in Show winners in each category.
  • Expert’s Choice Awards: ShekouDaily scoured the city to find Shenzhen’s Top Chefs to judge the Best Pizza in Shekou Competition. Chef David Ball of the Langham Hotel and Chef Adam Lin of the Shangri-La joined Chris Butt the founder of ShenzhenEat, Shenzhen’s top online restaurant ordering service, to do a blind taste testing of the pizzas. Unfortunately, the event was so crowded that we had a difficult time getting all of the pizzas to the judges in time. In order to maintain the fairness of the competition, we regretfully had to withdraw this portion of the voting from the final results. We would like to thank the judges for their time and we look forward to being better organized the next time we try this.
Without further ado, please let go of your mouse or put down your phone and give a big round of applause to the following winners:


THE WINNER: Best Pizza in Shekou

Alla Torre’s Al Metro Pizza
The following pizzas won their respective categories in the two other contests.  Note: The “Outstandings” are listed in alphabetical order, not by number of votes

American Style
People’s Choice Best in Show
BEST: Chill’s Pepperoni & Chicken with BBQ Sauce
OUTSTANDING: Alla Torre’s Pepperoni
OUTSTANDING: Willy’s Pepperoni Supreme
BEST: Willy’s Crab Shack ~ Pepperoni Supreme
OUTSTANDING: Chill’s Pepperoni & Chicken
OUTSTANDING: Warehouse’s Godfather Pepperoni
People’s Choice Best in Show
BEST: Alla Torre’s Al Metro
OUTSTANDING: Warehouse’s US Ambassador
OUTSTANDING: Willy’s Jalapeno Spice
BEST: Alla Torre’s Al Metro
OUTSTANDING: Warehouse’s US Ambassador
OUTSTANDING: Willy’s Jalapeno Spice
People’s Choice Best in Show
BEST: Alla Torre’s Ferrari Pizza
OUTSTANDING: McCawley’s Godfather Pizza
OUTSTANDING: Italy Square’s Gourmet Pizza
BEST: McCawley’s Godfather Pizza
OUTSTANDING: SUGO’s Mediterranean
Thin Crust
People’s Choice Best in Show
BEST: OGGI’s Parma Pizza
OUTSTANDING: Alla Torre’s Proscuitto Crudo
OUTSTANDING: Chill’s Pepperoni, Bacon, and Jalapeños
BEST: OGGI Parma Pizza
OUTSTANDING: Alla Torre’s Proscuitto Crudo
OUTSTANDING: Italy Square’s Marinara
People’s Choice Best in Show
BEST: Willy’s Mediterranean Splash
OUTSTANDING: Alla Torre’s Margherita Pizza
BEST: Laffa’s Four Cheese
OUTSTANDING: Willy’s Mediterranean Splash
OUTSTANDING: Warehouse’s Pentagon Cheese Analyst

Pizzeria Reference:

  1. Alla Torre Pizzeria: Sea World Zone B.
  2. Beny’s Pizza: Behind Hai Chang Jie. Telephone: 158.8975.3795
  3. Chill’s: Hai Chang Jie. Delivery: 132.0227.1527
  4. HH Gourmet: Coastal Rose Garden 2. Delivery: 2683.9259
  5. Italy Square: Coastal Rose Garden 2.
  6. Laffa: NH e-Cool.
  7. McCawley’s: Sea World Square.
  8. OGGI: Coastal Rose Garden 3.
  9. SUGO: NH e-Cool.
  10. The Terrace: Sea World Square.
  11. Volfoni: Coastal Rose Garden 2. Delivery: 2688.3381
  12. Warehouse Pizza: South Park Road. Telephone: 400.833.1128
  13. Willy’s Crab Shack: Seafood Street. Delivery: 8827.8002
  14. X-TA-SEA: Sea World Square.

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone for participating. We hope you enjoyed the competition as much as we did!


The photo gallery is currently being moved. It will be returned shortly.

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