Yesterday, the yellow cold weather warning was hoisted for the northern parts of Guangdong province, followed this afternoon by Shenzhen. Despite the beautiful weather we've had over the last couple of days, the weather reports say we're in for chilly days this coming week. 


The Shenzhen Meteorological Bureau issued the yellow cold weather warning for the city at 16:00 on January 25, 2020. 


The initial report forecast that the temperature is expected to gradually drop to a low of between 12-13 ° C on the 26th, followed by a low between  8-12 ° C on the 26th and 27th, then up a little higher to 10 ° C from the 28 to 30th. For those in need, the number to contact for cold weather shelters is 12349.

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Article Source: 今年最冷!深圳气温马上急降,寒冷黄色预警生效,注意这些别感冒

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