Ms. Zhao and her family were casually walking on the sidewalk at 10pm last Tuesday when the ground suddenly opened up beneath her. She had just finished shopping and was pushing her bicycle down the sidewalk when it suddenly collapsed. She fell neck deep with her bicycle into a roughly 2-meter  sinkhole that was flooding with water.

Zhao shouted for help, her relatives also immediately stopped passers-by for help. "At that time I was very scared, but fortunately I have a water pipe can rely on, or I really do not know what the consequences will be." Ms. Zhao said.

Woman falls into Sinkhole in Sidewalk in Shenzhen

A passers-by found a pole she could grab onto to climb out. Another young man on the the scene offered her his clothes and comforted her. Ms. Zhao, who sustained head and hand injuries was taken to the hospital, covered in mud. Reporters later learned the sinkhole was caused by a burst underground pipe. The incidence took place on Longgang Road, in Longgang of Shenzhen.



深圳龙岗一人行道忽塌陷 路过女子掉入2米深坑

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