China Merchants Shekou Holdings unveiled plans on Friday to ease the often congested traffic conditions heading into and out of Shekou. The announcement for improving what they refer to as an important part of the transportation network of Hong Kong and Guangdong includes plans to reconstruct the expressway on Wanghai Road and the latest forecasts for completion of the new Metro lines across Shenzhen. Both of which are expected to significantly improve the business environment of the area.

The plans of reconstructing Wanghai Road, drawn up by the Transportation Commission of Shenzhen Municipality, have been officially completed and made public and are expected to be executed soon. A major component of the plan is to transform the existing infrastructure into a two-tiered system with an underground expressway while maintaining the street level for urban road traffic.

Shenzhen Two-Tiered Double Decker Underground Tunnel

The new system is expected to have a total length of about 8 km connecting the area west of Xinghai Road, east of Shahe Road, Prince Edward Bay, Sea World, Shekou Old City, Houhai reclamation area and other areas. Mainly for long-distance traffic to and from Shekou, the undergroud double-decker expressway will constructed under the existing roads.

Shenzhen Two-Tiered Double Decker Underground Tunnel

Both the underground and above ground channels are expected to have 4-6 lanes handling two-way traffic. The underground expressway is being designed for speeds of 60km/h, while the ground road is being designed for speeds of 40km/h. Upon completion, the project is expected to form a "rapid loop" connecting Shekou, Futian District, Luohu, Baoan, Longhua and other regions; while shortened travel times between these area by more than 15 minutes.

The estimated completion date for this endeavor has yet to be specified.

Three New Subway Lines to ease Shekou Area Traffic

Shenzhen Metro Lines Map Phase IV - 2017-2022

Spanning about 40km, with 33 stations, Metro Line 12 is expected to connect the new Shekou Cruise Center (aka the new Shekou Ferry Terminal) to the Shenzhen Airport. Spanning about 23km, with 16 stations, Metro Line 13 is expected to connect the Shenzhen Bay Port with a new high speed railway station to be completed in Xili by 2021. Both Lines 12 and 13 are expected to be completed by 2022.

West Extension of Shenzhen Metro Line 9 from Sea World to Nanyou Stations

Spanning about 4.4 km, with 4 stations, the West Extension of Metro Line 9 includes four stations: Sea World Station, Gonye 6 Road Station, Sihai Station and the Nanyou Station. Initial reports announced completion in 2020.

Reference: 望海路快速化改造怎么样了?蛇口交通新动向看这里


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