Welcome to ShekouDaily's Weekend NewsVideo! This week we're on location at Brew Magic Pub where the Ashu group will be holding the first of many new social events for Shekou! For more detail about that an other events going on this weekend and beyond, click play on the video below scroll down to our newsletter for details...


Special thanks to Caisa for her help in producing these weekend NewsVideos.


 ShekouDaily Weekend Newsletter Podcast November 4th, 2016



Registration is now open for Captivating's Kidz with Heart Mini Olympics. This year they have two action-packed Family Sports Days at two locations over two days! The first day is March 18th at Jingshan Villas and the second is March 25th at Shen Wei International School. Kids from 5-11 years old are welcome to compete in a fun-filled morning of sporting games while helping to raise money to help impoverished children in China. Registration is now open! To sign up or for more information visit

Captivating Kidz with Heart Mini Olympics Registration Shenzhen



This Saturday Brew Magic Pub in Coastal Rose Garden will be hosting The ASHU Group's first Shenzhen Social Event with free finger foods, a free drink and other drink specials starting at 7:30pm. In just a few short weeks the group has already amassed a following of almost 200 people! It's geared up to be a fun event with live music and a great opportunity to meet new people... all for just 55 RMB. Brew Magic Pub is located at Coastal Rose Garden 2 #52. For more info, call 18718057016.

Ashu Group Party at Brew Magic Pub Shekou Shenzhen



Ladies, head on down to the Terrace on Saturday wearing your favorite lipstick and enjoy a free drink before midnight at the Terrace's Lip Stick party! The Terrace is located in Sea World Square on the second floor above the Starbucks. For more info, call 2682-9105

Lipstick Party at the Terrace in Sea World, Shekou, Shenhen 



Coming up next weekend...


February 25 & 26, spend two days with a spray can in each hand from 08:30 am - 04:00 pm at Level 5 in Shekou in this Street Art & Graffiti Workshop. Under the guide of professional street artist, Rebecca O'Brien you'll explore contemporary graffiti stylisations, tools and techniques. No experience required. Just a willingness to try something new and work outside your comfort zone.

Street art & graffiti workshop at Level 5 Shekou Shenzhen



Whether you've been a naughty and need to be punished, or nice and are looking for an exciting night out, checkout the Uniform Party at the Terrace on Saturday February 25th from 9pm. Who doesn't love a man or woman in uniform! Don't be shy. As usual, Prizes will be given for Best Uniforms. The Terrace is located in Sea World Square on the second floor above the Starbucks. For more info, call 2682-9105

Uniform Party at the Terrace in Sea World Shekou Shenzhen



Finally, we're very pleased to announce that we will soon have Shekou's first Town Hall style meeting in English designed just for Expats. ShekouDaily has been working hard for a long time to bring this to you and it's not far away. An English-speaking representative from the local police department will attend to help answer questions for us. For example, what to do if you have problems with your landlord or disputes with neighbors, how to get confiscated property back, what to do if you've overstayed your visa, and more. If you're interested in attending this FREE community service event brought to you by ShekouDaily, please fill out the form below and we'll send you details as soon as they become available.

Town Hall Meeting Shekou Shenzhen China


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That's it for now.  As usual, we'll add more events and activities as they become available so be sure to check back often. Don’t forget to like, comment and share this with your friends.


Have a great weekend!



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