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With so many places to choose from it can be really difficult deciding where to go to stuff your face this Thanksgiving. For that reason, we thought we'd put together some recommended choices for you based on our hardcore scientific research and analysis.


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NOTE: Brew Magic Pub's Thanksgiving Dinner is Thursday and Friday. Not Friday and Saturday, as stated in the video.

UPDATE: Baia Burget Concept added their "Thanksgiving on a Bun" on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. See below for details.



 ShekouDaily Weekend Newsletter Podcast November 4th, 2016


First up, we’ve got Pancho’s Mexican Restaurant winning the Best Pricefor adults award with their Thanksgiving Dinner Buffet. At 150 RMB you just can’t beat it. Kids are 98 RMB per child. 

Thanksgiving Dinner at Pancho's Mexican Restaurant


Our Best Deal for Families award goes to X-TA-SEA Sports Bar and Restaurant; For their all-you-can-eat Thanksgiving Dinner Buffet. It's 195 RMB for adults but only 45 RMB for kids under 1.2 meters and kids under 3 are free! Plus, groups of 6 or more adults get a complimentary bottle of Sparkling White Wine and ladies drink free after 8pm.

Thanksgiving Dinner at X-TA-SEA


For those of you who can just never get enough turkey, the Most Outrageous Offer Award goes to Chill’s who’s putting on a 3-Day Thanksgiving Dinner Turk-a-thon! Here you can enjoy a turkey dinner buffet for three nights in a row for just 400 RMB! If you can't handle that you can still enjoy their buffet for just 188 per night. They are also offering buy 1 get 1 free Craft Beer during the Turk-a-thon as well.

3-Day Thanksgiving Turk-a-Thon at Chill's


If you’re not that much of a turkey fan and are looking for variety in your Thanksgiving Feast. Our Best Variety Award goes to OPEN at the Hilton where you can enjoy their complete and full buffet (with Roast turkey) plus freeflow local beer drinks and soft drinks. They're also offering a special Afternoon Tea Set on Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving Dinner Buffet and Afternoon Tea at the Hilton


If you want to be able to enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner earlier in the day visit George & Dragon who wins our most Available Award for their Thanksgiving dinner starting at 2pm.

Thanksgiving Dinner at George & Dragon


If you need an intimate place to enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner alone with your special someone, try Gold Coast who wins our Most Romantic Award with their Thanksgiving Dinner.

Thanksgiving Dinner at Gold Coast


If you prefer to go out with really big groups, the Tavern is the place to be. With lots of indoor and outdoor seating they win our Best Choice for Large Groups.

Thanksgiving Dinner at The Tavern


If instead you’re looking for a small place, check out the Boathouse who wins our Coziest Choice award for their Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner. Adults are 200/plate, kids half price. Dinner includes a glass of house wine or juice for kids.

Thanksgiving Dinner at The Boathouse


With two locations to choose from you don’t need to go far to find McCawleys in Sea World or Peninsula who both together win our Most Convenient Award.

Thanksgiving Dinner at McCawley's


And if you’re looking for a real American place to enjoy Thanksgiving, stop by Brew Magic where Bob and Crystal win our Most American Award for their buffet on both Thursday and Friday.

Thanksgiving at Brew Magic Pub


And if you’re looking for something different than the same old thing, stop by Baia Burger Concept in Futian or Shekou; who wins our Most Unique Award, for their Thanksgiving on a Bun on Wednesday Thursday or Friday for lunch or dinner.

Thanksgiving on a Bun at Baia Burger Concept in Futian and Shekou



If you don’t feel like going out and prefer to buy a turkey to eat at home, we’ve got the low down for you too…



Where to Shop for Thanksgiving


Buying Frozen Uncooked Turkeys

For uncooked turkeys NoGoGo has the best price at 550 RMB for a 6.5-7kg bird delivered to your door. It’s a Chilean turkey so if you looking for an American Turkey, call Silver Palate. They’re just a couple of RMB more per kilogram and they also deliver. Now Silver Palate won’t cook the turkeys for you but NoGoGo will (total cost of 890 RMB). To order from NoGoGo visit NoGoGo.cn/search/turkey or call Silver Palate at 2667.9057. 

Where to buy Thanksgiving Turkeys in Shekou, Shenzhen, China


Ordering a Cooked Turkey

If you want a cooked turkey, or NoGoGo and Silver Palate have run out, there are two other optons… The Butcher Shop and X-TA-SEA… Turkeys from these two come out to about 800 RMB for a 7kg Chilean turkey cooked; including stuffing and gravy. X-TA-SEA will deliver but the Butcher Shop does not. The Butcher Shop does have two locations though (one in Sea World and the other in Coastal Rose Garden 2) so picking up yourself may not be so difficult. X-TA-SEA is located on the first floor inside the Minghua Cruise Ship. NOTE: Both places ask for two days advanced notice. To reach the Butcher Shop, call 2685.8295. For X-TA-SEA call: 2686.7649.

Ordering a Cooked Turkey for Thanksgiving in Shekou, Shenzhen, China




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Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble Gobble!



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