A 59 year old French man was stabbed multiple times yesterday when he stepped in to help a man that was being attacked by a intoxicated man with a knife in front of a restaurant on Hai Chang Street.


UPDATE: Outrage as Man Who Stabbed Expat in China Released From Prison (Jan 22,2018)

UPDATE: The Nanshan District Police Department released the following announcement regarding this event (translated from the image below):

5:22pm May 23rd 110 received a report that a man with a knife is hurting people on Hai Chang Street. The police arrived and detained the suspect and helped rush the injured to the hospital.

After further investigation the police confirmed the suspect's family name is Zhou. He is a 27 year old male. He began attacking people with a knife after he had been rejected at a job interview for being drunk. A foreign man who passed by and intervened to stop Zhou was stabbed. The police went to the hospital to ensure the patient was treated well. The patient is stable. Suspect Zhou will be charged with intent to hurt people. This case is still under investigation.

The police greeted the foreign man in the hospital and have also reported his brave action to related departments for commendation.


Nanshan District Police Department Official Response to Stabbing of French man on Hai Chang Street in Shekou Shenzhen


Witnesses say that the French man, who was walking with his 5 year old son, stepped in when he saw the two men fighting and no one else was helping. He received knife wounds on his head, back and left arm and was rushed to a nearby hospital.  The incident occured on Hai Chang Street and Kangle Road on Tuesday May 23rd 2017, at about 5:30pm.

French Hero Stabbed Multiple Times on Hai Chang Street in Shekou Shenzhen China


An English-speaking social worker, from the new 'Management and Service Center for Expats' set to open next month, went to the hospital to provide assistance to the family while the victim was in surgery. "The boy had his father's blood on his pants," she told me; but he was in good spirit and at one point told his mother, "don't worry, everything will be ok."

Management and Service Center for Expats in Shekou Shenzhen China

The Management and Service Center for Expats is a local government office devoted to building a harmonious community in Shekou for people from different countries. Their mission includes temporary accommodation registration, inquiry, community activitity, and more. They are located at the crossing of Nanshui Street and Shiyun Road in Shekou near the Dongjiaotou Metro Station and Shekou theater bus stop. They plan to open to the public in June.


The surgery was successfully completed within about three hours and the patient is said to be in stable condition. Members of the police department and officers from the Shekou government visited the man this morning in the hospital to show their gratitude and appreciation for his heroic act of bravery which helped lead to the capture and arrest of the assailant. 


Watch these videos below as bystanders apprehend the assailant on the scene. 


Video Source: WeChat group


Video Source: WeChat group

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