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Kids aerial yoga is suitable for almost everyone. This summer camp we aimed at 6-12 years old, with or without foundation: ① Children who want to adjust to bad lifestyle habits: kyphosis, spine deformity, poor posture and posture; ② Children with poor health who want to strengthen their physique and improve their immunity; ③ Children who need to improve learning concentration, change irritability or irritability, or timid and unconfident; ④ Children who need to improve or improve the coordination of brain and body, flexibility, and enrich spare time. [Summer camp weekend kids aerial yoga class] Each class only accepts 6-12 years old, limited to 6 kids. Class with less than 5 kids will be canceled.

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June Yoga Studio

304, 3rd Floor, Haibin Business Center, Xinghua Rd
Sea World 518054

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When Mon From July 27, 2020 to
August 31, 2020

8:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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