F45 ~ 45 Days Challenge


F45 Training and our professional team are here to provide you guidance and support with a focus on your health, fitness and nutrition. Functional 45 was designed based on the style of HIIT Training. We suggest members to exercise at 3-5 times a week. The F45 Challenge is a nutritional program that will guide you to achieve a better transformation result. The challenge has now also been upgraded to give you all value of the F45 content in a condensed 45 day program supported with the challenge website, meal plans, and lifestyle blogs to enhance results. F45 Training Shekou is also here to provide you with additional support, with nutritional tips, Training tips, private WeChat groups led by our F45 coaches, mini challenges, daily motivation and all plenty more value added services to keep you on track. We will be beside you till the end of the challenge .

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F45 Training Shekou

1067 Naihai Ave
Unit 710, 7/F, Technology Building
Net Valley 158067

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When Mon From April 13, 2020 to
April 28, 2020

12:00 am - 12:00 am
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Unit 710 7/F, Technology Building

1067 Nanhai Ave
Net Valley 518067