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The film is adapted from the true story that an oil pipeline explosion in Dalian Xin’gang. 14 teams, 2,380 firefighters, more than 60,000 tons of water, over 500 tons of foam extinguishing agent and more than 20 tons of dry powder fire extinguishers had been used in 15 hours. The true story behind the movie: Xu Xiaobin and Wanglu are a newly-married couple. When the fire disaster happened they were taking wedding photos. But when Xu Xiaobing heard the news, he went to the spot without a second thought, and he even forgot to change the clothes. Although the fire was put out, but Xu Xiaobing , Wanglu’s beloved, lost his life. The Red Army ware asked to escort an official of Nationalist Party to a designated place. However, they had gone through much hardships on the way. When they realize that to finish the task, they have to give their lives for it. What would they choose, to live or to finish the task? This film won prizes Miami International Symposium and Culture at 2017 Miami Film Festival and The Best Picture of the Year of the 2nd Sino-American Internaitonl TV Festival. It was filmed at the place where the true story took place. The crew spent 45 days on Gannan grassland from an altitude of 2900m to 3500m, overcoming numerous difficulties caused by the lack of oxygen and natural environment on the plateau. Dong Wangchuan is the deputy director of the projects to divert water from the south to the north. However, he has less and less time to accompany his wife because of the project. When the project is about to finish, his treasure, leaves him for a well-paid job, and the people in his hometown are also against to move. Furthermore, the exported expensive equipment suddenly break down. Facing such harsh problem, can the project be completed as scheduled? As the first generation of Chines astronauts, Zhang Tiancong failed to be selected to finish the task in the "Shenzhou VII" manned spacecraft. Though very desperate, he still stays there as an instructor for new astronauts. His dream of becoming an astronaut never fade away. Some time later, there is another chance for him to realize his dream. He spares no efforts to strive for that, but finally, he fails to get it again. Will he still stick to chasing his dream or giving up? The film was awarded the Best Film of the Golden Rooster Award in 2011. It was the first China’s movie that has the scene of simulating weightless, which is very true to life. It has as many as 620 trick shots, which is the film with the most then. The images match perfectly with the audio making it a film with surpassing beautiful universe.


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