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Why F45 Training?


F45 is th perfect mix of cardiovscular and strength training in a format that has been proven to be the most effective workout method for burning fat and building lean muscle. 


You can work to your own ability and is suitable for all backgrounds and fitness levels.  The movements are functional and all the equipment is set-up so you can maximise your time training.





Numerous tests have confirmed that the body’s maximal response to prolonged exercise takes place in the first 45-minutes! 


Our revolutionary approach to exercise puts F45 members through an unlimited array of circuit-based workouts in a high-tech, team environment to provide a totally immersive experience that is fun, fast and guaranteed to get results.





No treadmills or stationary weight machines. 

At F45, we believe the best exercise is simple, effective and most importantly, great fun! 


We prepare our members for everyday life by drawing from a vast array of exercises that combines functional human movement with high-intensity interval training.





Drawing on a bank of over 4,000 exercises from a diverse range of popular training techniques, F45 specializes in high-intensity team training sessions that change daily.





A new revolutionary way to lose weight

is here, and it’s completely free. 

Welcome to the F45 Challenge! 

Our daily meal plan consulting is 

worth the membership fees alone.


*Delicious Recipes

*Nutrition Advice

*Goal Tracking 

*Free Nutrition Portal

Join our F45 community and it will change your life


1067 Naihai Ave
Unit 710, 7/F, Technology Building
Net Valley 158067

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Mon-Fri: 6:00-6:45, 6:45-7:30, 8:45-9:30, 12:30-13:15, 17:00-17:45, 18:45-19:30, 20:00-20:45 Sat & Public Holiday: 7:00-8:00, 8:30-9:30, 10:00-11:00 Sun & Public Holiday: 10:00-10:45,11:00-11:45


Sat 21 Mar
Trial Offer for Newcomer!

Trial Offer for Newcomer!

in Fitness, Health & Fitness

One FREE TRIAL PASS will be added to your account automatically after you registered in our booking system. Plus, Dian Ping Platform now offering another ONE WEEK UNLIMITED TRIAL PASS for you with a special price of ¥ 128. (Value at ¥ 588)

Sun 12 Apr
F45 C26丨Kick Off Session

F45 C26丨Kick Off Session

in Health & Fitness, Fitness

LAST CALL!! LAST CHANCE to sign up C26 challenge this Sunday 12th April!! We are here at F45 Shekou studio to answer all of your question!!

Mon 13 Apr
F45 ~ 45 Days Challenge

F45 ~ 45 Days Challenge

in Health & Fitness, Fitness

F45 Challenge(C26) is about to start and with a new 45-days format. Who's ready for a life-changing transformation?

Sun 26 Apr
50% off丨Sunday Bodychefs x F45 1 year anniversary

50% off丨Sunday Bodychefs x F45 1 year anniversary

in Breakfast, Dinner, Health & Fitness, Lunch, Western Food

This Sun 26/4,sets 1st anniversary of an amazing Collaboration between BodyChefs and our F45#family.In celebration of the anniversary,BodyChefs'd like to offer active F45Shekou members,a 50% discount to enjoy on all salad,panni,protein balls n shake

Sun 24 May
Myofascial Release Yoga at F45 Shekou

Myofascial Release Yoga at F45 Shekou

in Fitness, Health & Fitness

Do you experience tightness, discomfort, or stiffness in your body that doesn’t go away? In the special 45-minute pop-up class, you’ll learn how to feel and follow the tension in your fascia and then facilitate a deep, juicy and healing release.

Sun 14 Jun
F45 C27 Challenge Kick-Off Session

F45 C27 Challenge Kick-Off Session

in Fitness, Health & Fitness

Are you ready for the next 45-day Challenge which starts next Mon?Come join our Kick-Off session this Sunday 6/14 at 11am then try out F45 functional HIIT class for FREE. Also BodyChefs has some surprises for our new challengers at BodyChefs on 6/14.

Sun 12 Jul
F45 Training 课表丨Class Schedule (July 13th - July 19th)

F45 Training 课表丨Class Schedule (July 13th - July 19th)

in Fitness, Health & Fitness

You may heard the coolest people been talking about F45,but what is that?F45 combines elements of HIIT,Circuit Training and Functional Training.The fusion of these 3training concepts has lead to the development of 32different,45min workout experience

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