LIFT ON Fitness Transformation Program


What is LiftOn (海椰丝健身餐)?

LIFT ON is a personal transformation company, that helps people transform their bodies through customized meal plans and group fitness training classes.




LIFT ON offers personal fitness transformation camps, where individuals can sign up and join a group of other people who also want to change their bodies. In this six-week program, all meals for each participant will be provided, and there will be three group circuit training courses each week.




Our Team

LIFT ON is run by Travis Hayes and Ambru Lo, who co-founded the business in 2015. Travis is a NASM certified fitness personal trainer hailing from Columbus Ohio in the USA. Ambru is ISSA certified sports nutritionist based in Shenzhen. Together, Travis and Ambru are a bilingual team who can train their students in English and Chinese – so we can work with you no matter where you’re from.

Our Next Transformation Challenge

LIFT ON’s next six-week program will run from February 20th until April 2nd. We want to help people who have gained a little extra fat or want to build muscle after the festive holiday season. LIFT ON is currently inviting participants to sign up and join this upcoming program.

During the program, participants are split into six-to-eight-person groups. Each group helps each group member stay honest and accountable during the training process through daily reporting of data (meal tracking, body weight, exercise) as well as through group Wechat sharing of workouts and other information. On a weekly basis, all group members are weighed and photographed to make sure each group member stays on track and keeps progressing towards his or her goal.




LIFT ON also provides customized meal planning for each person who joins the program, in addition to actually providing all the delicious meals themselves. LIFT ON’s team will prepare all meals for the entire six-week period and facilitate food delivery for each participant, so that the participant doesn’t need worry about what to eat during the program – it’s all covered by LiftOn’s comprehensive program.




How To Sign Up?

LIFT ON has done three transformation programs previous, with an average weight loss of 7KG (15 lbs) for people who join the six-week program. So, if you’re ready to finally change your body and melt off the extra pounds you gained on the holiday – sign up now!




English language inquiries please contact Travis; his wechat is:Travis-Hayes



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Monday to Friday: 08:00am to 8:00pm Saturday and Sunday: 10:00am to 8:00pm *Not open during public holidays*

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