Mountain View Theater


The Mountain View Theater is a 328-seat auditorium that marks the crown of the Sea World Culture and Arts Center. With views overlooking Nanshan mountain, a third-floor foyer opening up into a terrace, and a fourth-floor foyer overlooking the roof garden, the theatre will be a place to host lectures and performances.

The size of the auditorium is equivalent to the best seating area in a large theater, providing the audience with an exclusive experience to high quality performing art programs.

What's in Mountain View Theater -

Classical Music Season: with its delicate acoustic design, all element within the Mountain View Theater melds to define the space  to be a professional concert hall for chamber music and chorus. Top rated musicians are invited from all around the world each year for the selected audience from Shenzhen.

The Beauty in Asian Instruements: a collection of concerts that illustrate the tonal and visual charms of the Asian music and a sensational experience of various cultures. Blending traditional elements with the innovative, the masters of traditional Asian instruments tell a unique story of ritual and spiritual beauty of ancient memories.

Family Progams: being located in the most livable and diverse part of the city, the Mountain View Theater is one of the best destination for family entertainments on weekends and public vacations. A global selection of family programs are a great treat for the young audience and their parents.

Avant-Garde Projects: having played a vital part in China's Open-up and Reform, Shekou always has a keen sense of the new. Latest and experimental performing art projects set their stage in Mountian View Theater, welcomed by an dare-to-try audience who expect the unknown. 



3-4F Sea World Culture & Arts Center
No. 1187 Wanghai Road, Shekou, Nanshan District
Shekou 518067

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