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International and Professional Montessori Faculty

We have our professional Montessori teaching team(0-3 and 3-6 AMI/AMS Trained) whose role is to create a suitable learning environment by providing basic teaching materials. Our teachers monitor and evaluate each child's development and create work centers in each subject that assist in the child's development at his or her own pace.

Infant Community (IC 1.5- 3years old)

Children experience a transitional environment from home to a small social community. In the classroom, we have suitable sized tables, chairs, cupboards and sinks, most importantly we have the materials to stimulate the cognitive development in a child. Through the guidance of our professional teachers,children learn at their own individual pace and according to their own choice oi activities.


After enrolment, children possibly will learn to put on and take off their shoes and coats,have meals, drink water, and comb hair by themselves. Physically that will develop the child's ability of eye-hand coordination, body balance and movement control; it will also give children the opportunity to develop responsibility and to make use of his/her willpower, intelligence and emotion.


In a Montessori classroom, the children decide which task to attempt and carry it out step by step and repeat the task again and again. They feel a great sense of joy and success when they have accomplished a task to the point of mastery.These repeated activities allow them to develop the power of concentration.

Exploring interest and ability

Dr. Montessori noted particular characteristics linked with a child,s interests and abilities in her observations. She suggested that we should "follow the child,allowing him/her to show us how best to cultivate the development of his/her potential.

 Language and Social Development

The Language area of the Montessori classroom builds early literacy skills by providing wide-ranging opportunities for children to build up communication skills and phonetic understanding in Chinese and English. Montessori Language activities include listening for common sounds, learning the shapes and sounds of letters, naming or matching words to objects and pictures.


CASA Dei Bambini  (CASA 3-6 years old)

The CASA class age group is from 3 to 6 years old. The classroom contains Practical Life, Sensorial, Language and Mathematics. Montessori work help the children develop the ability of concentration, confidence, independence and self expression. Every material in a Montessori classroom supports an aspect of child development.


Practical life contains care of self, care of the environment, food preparation, sometimes artor handcrafts are included. It is an important foundation of CASA class. for the ability of concentration, self-discipline and logical thinking will be well develops in this area.

The Sensorial area of the Montessori classroom is aimed to develop children's skills in perception. Each practical activity focuses the child's attention on one feature such as color,weight, shape, size, texture, sound, or smell.

Language work starts from the improvement of oral skills. After sound analysis and symbol cognition, children move on to reading and writing.

Decimal System is the main part of mathematics, after learning the concept of number 0-10,they start learning the Arithmetic and other math activities.



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